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Lesbian anal with Teena and Hailey

Release date: 09-10-2011
Starring: Teena, Hailey
Duration: 25:18
Quality: Full HD
Sponsor: Lez Cuties

Teena, the shy blonde beauty really loves girls but she never managed to gather the dare to ask one out. Luckily for her, nerd cutie Hailey, who helps her with her math homework, is a bit more brave and she also keen of silky, wet pussies. What a lucky coincidence, isn't it? Teena first hesitant and feels embarrassed, but warms into the game soon.

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Lesbian anal with Minny and Inna


Minny and Inna's relationship is not really difficult or overcomplicated. It is mostly about regular sex, let it be wild or tender, heated or lazy... it doesn't matter. The only important thing for them to feel their lover's tongue and fingers deep inside their body, until it cannot control itself anymore. Simple, isn't it?

  Lesbian anal with Kirsten and Macy


Kirsten and Macy are cuddled on the couch, purring to each other like two happy kittens. But as it often happens with the two lesbian sweetheart, the kitty which will be kissed won't be purring... it will be wet. The beauties get more and more passionate as they warm into their lesbian play, and won't stop eating pussy until both of them are happy and satisfied.

Lesbian anal with Macy and Olena


Sweet sinners Macy and Olena skip school just to stay at home and lick & finger one another's wet and horny pussies and start fucking them to reach a hot orgasm! These young babes are too easy to get horny & wet, so they start to please each other almost immediately. See how they treat their fresh tight bodies with their tongues & hands!

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